Sunday, October 16, 2011

Armstrong over Yizek in all-Canada Norwegian final

Jim Armstrong's Canada 1  took the 2011 Norwegian Open with a 7-3 win over Bruno Yizek's Canada 2 team. Denmark beat Finland 4-3 to take 3rd place.

Canada 1 were one player short (see yesterday), which in a game without sweeping and all other things equal, offers an advantage to the players throwing three stones.

Full results can be found HERE


Gerry D. said...

So,I suppose Jim was stronger without Ina?

Come on, Eric,.....Jim won and likely would have won easier with Ina.

How can you say Ina is a negative to any team?

Eric Eales said...

You suppose incorrectly.

I was making a general point that 2 players throwing 3 stones each have a better chance of success than 3 players throwing 2 stones - all other things being equal.

Not saying anything negative about Ina, nor claiming Jim wouldn't have won whoever was on his team and however many each threw.