Tuesday, November 9, 2010

2 on 2 stick tournament at Maple Ridge November 13-14

A 2 on 2 stick curling tournament will be held at the Golden Ears CC in Maple Ridge BC this weekend November 13-14.

Wheelchair and able-bodied teams will compete together. Darryl Neighbour is scheduled to compete again with his Team Canada skip Jim Armstrong in what would be Jim's first appearance since his legal problems became public.


Anonymous said...

I heard Daw and cormack are playing as well.

The old vs. the new would be interesting to see who wins!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My money is on the new.

Anonymous said...

By the way, which of the four are you, since I don't think anyone else would know who is playing.

Anonymous said...

Do you perhaps mean OLD and OLDER !

Anonymous said...

Do they have each person skip an end?

If so, it would be Darryl over Gary, and Jim over Chris.

If it is reversed, it will be Chris over Darryl, and Jim over Gary

Anonymous said...

Jim and Darryl will confirm why they are playing and Chris and Gary are sitting.

Anonymous said...

Does it really matter. Each person and team has strength and weakness.

I think no one can say as no one has ever seen Chris throw against Jim or even call a game against Jim.

And with the change in skipping on the weekend who knows. Jim has not thorwn for a while so my bet is if Daw and Cormack beat them everyone on here will say it was becuase he has not had pratcice or has to much on his mind.

Chris is NEVER given a fair break, ever on here so what does it matter. You all Love JIm regardless of what he has done. Maybe Chris and Jim should team up and watch out...no one could beat them ever!!!!!

. said...

They faced each other March 26th at the 2009 Nationals


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It matters not on who won a team game.....how about a one-on-one challenge between two paralympic gold skips? Sounds like a great promotion.

Anonymous said...

Get serious.

Jim's experience alone will take him past Chris's best day. I think their throwing may well be close, but how do you factor in Chris's inexperience?

Anonymous said...

does it really matter. Jim has played longer than Chris has been alive. That is unfair to try and match it up like that.

Chris will never nor has ever been given a real shot since Joe came in, so what does it matter,

Anonymous said...

Would be a fun match-up. Just the two of them, not doubles.

A concerned player said...

Chris is the most experienced wheelchair curler in Canada!!!! Jim does have more curling experience that is a fact and it does play into it. It has to. He has been playing longer than Chris has been alive. So no fair to Chris.

Chris has been playing since wheelchair curling came to Canada. Has been developing the sport since than. He is the most experenice wheelchair play we have


He does not not get get looked at what so ever for involvement in the program. WHY!!!!!

Stop comparing Chris and Jim but think about what could be if the 2 worked together. At least give it a shot!!

GREAT THINGS would happen and to Canada's advantage.

Why is one person (Chris) thought to be so far gone all the time. The guy has done allot for the program, continues to play, develops with good coaches, coaches both AB and wheelchair players, finds funding (in Big $$$$) for the program ; all of this to have you people continually shit on him. Why!!!

Embrace what could be, let the past be the past. I mean Jim is still not over what he did and you all act like it never happen yet Chris did nothing and is shit on for.

Leave the guy alone, stop shitty on him and ask him if he would have interest in coming back into the program and help.

God knows he may have something to give, OTHER THINKS so (including the CCA)

Anonymous said...

Is Chris going to ask for another look by the coaches? I think they are going to have a camp in early December in Vancouver.

Anonymous said...

Does Chris have any interest in trying to get back on?

Anonymous said...

Chris is shit on by everyone because of the way he acted and treated everyone in those first few years of this sports existence. Unfortunately you only ever get 1 chance to make a first impression, and Chris let his ego and arrogance back then go ahead and ruin it for him. He is well aware of this and if he could go back and do it over I know he would, but unfortunately once a bridge is burned it's gone forever. The other major hurdle Chris has to face is the fact that he hasn't curled competitively since the 2006 Olympics. Yes he made an appearance at the nationals in 2008 but lets be honest, neither his team nor himself were even remotely competitive. His days playing are done, he has become irrelevant. But he will always be the person that was first to WC curl and the first paralympic champion, and he and his fans should be thrilled with that.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it is up to Chris to ask to be looked at. The coaches have to invite him and with Joe their I doubt that would ever happen unless Jim or Gerry Peckham forced Joe into it.

Maybe somebody should give Chris a call or hey here is an idea...EVEN TALK TO HIM!

Don S. said...

The way he act hey. I don't think so. Yes Chris had some problems back then but is is no different then some of the bigger problems the program faces today. Don't judge things on the pass. He has competed just not in the wheelchair game (little known fact)

Jim is a way bigger problem and smear on this program than Chris ever was.

As for his abaility to play and play competitive. I darn you to come out from behind the anaoymous vail and take Chris on in a game. I darn you or any wheelchair curler today.

Chris is a way better curler today than he was back in 2006, I play competitive men's league and he plays well.

Just because he does not play in the lime light does not mean he can not play, give me a break!!

As for his ego, GET OVER IT!!! I mean stop what has been a mute point for years. What he did is far out wieght but who he is today and what he has done for the program.

And if you doubt that, just ask yourself this...Where do you think the National program or the Canadian championships would be if the team in 2006 did not win or if he had not gone out and got the $450000 from the TMX. Canadian Championships would be no where and allot of players who play today he trained so I would SHUT UP and put your money on the table and play the guy.

I have seen him play one on one, 2 on 2 and with a good team I would watch out

Anonymous said...

I think Jim should press to give Chris a shot. I know Chris admires Jim, and Jim seemed more than comfortable around Chris, so why not? If Jim can handle any potential ego flaws of Chris, so can the rest of the program. Personally, I am coonvinced that if Chris got a legitimate chance, with Jim's tutelage, the team would be much stronger.

Go, Chris.

Anonymous said...

I agree, WHy not give Chris a shot? What does it cost? A few hours of Team Canada time for assessment?

I believe, thought hat Chris's name would have to be put forward by Curl BC now.

What say everybody?

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine, remembering Chris's ability to hit.....Jim skipping Darryl at third, Chris at second, Ina Leading, Sonja as alternate?

Impossible to beat, if the egos meld together.

While Jim and Daryl get closer to retirement, Chris could be Jim's future replacement, tutored by Jim to ultimately replace him seamlessly. Sounds like a win for the program

Don S II, Son of Don S. said...

Oh Don S. you Daw super fan, you and all the other Daw fans out there. The number one absolute worst thing Chris could ever do to ruin his reputation and return to competitive curling is wrangler himself some way to the front of the line for a direct Team Canada tryout. There will be hell to pay from at least a ddozen players coast to coast that have been biding there time, working there butts off and patiently waiting for their chance to get to that point. It would be instant career suicide.

I absolutely love how you are faithfully blind hypocrate too. And I "darn" you to go look up "hypocrate". You tell us to not worry about the bad things in Chris' past only worry aabout his previous achievements. Then in the next breath you say don't think about the acchievements Jim has done only think about the bad thats happening right now. So which is it Don? I think we either look at it all or we look at nothing, that's called fair.

If Chris is determined to get bacck in the limelight here's what he has to do:

1) Go to the provincial identification camp on Dec 11/12 and have a good showing
2) Find 3 people that want to curl with him and go to the BC provincials and win
3) Next he needs to go to Nationals and place top 2

If he is half as good as you say he is this should no problem and he will instantly be placed near the top of the heap and no one could deny it.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, Don II, (who actually is Don I).

Your point is actually bang on. HOWEVER, given Daw's past accomplishments, perhaps he should be accomodated with a look, like Chris Sobkiwicz and Austgarten are getting next week. Just allow Daw one or two opportunities to show his "new" side. That will occur off the ice, not on the ice.

Anonymous said...

The Program has been overwhelmingly successful post Daw. He has caused countless headaches in the past, many players will refuse to play with him, so why not just build on the existing present for the future. Canada's future is bright, albeit having to re-qualify like everyone else starting this season.

Don S. said...

At least I have the guts to put my name on some.

By the way every one can make a mistake. Dare you to take him on.

Try it.

Maybe for those waiting or who have put there time in they should have discussed that fact when Jim who never was in the program to begin with got not only put into the program but took over it!!!! Give me a break...

Understand history before you speak.

As for a Daw super fan, not really. I just think a great in justice has been done.

Eric, maybe you should give Chris a shout out, ask his opinion. Maybe we should ask him why he left in the first place. How many more people have to be put aside to let Joe invite his friends or maybe Gerry P. should invite some more buddy's into the program.

Let's talk to Chris or maybe even Jim to see what Jim thinks about Chris or maybe if Jim thins Chris has a place.

God.....people understand that this program is screwed up!!!!!

If you think you have a place on the ladder think again.

As for Chris, let's ask some hard questions to him, let's give him a shot, somebody who has some real power invite him to a camp and see what he has to offer.

Stop passing judgment on a guy who has given us allot!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, Don S.

Unfortunately, I for one do not know who you are, so don't be so proud o your putting your name to the posts.

That said, I DO AGREE with you. I think Chris should be canvassed for his interest, and IF he is, then what kind of REAl support can he garner from the Program Stakeholders? Everyone knows Joe will be an issue, but who else? Peckham seemed to bend over for Cris as best he could.

I think the real question should be asked of Jim, since his endorsement, even for te try-out would have to go a long way, even with Sonja.

Let's see what kind of movement we can generate.

No Names Remember! said...

Hummm, who refuses to play with him????

Oh ya, no names on here I forgot!

I know countless people who would play with with which far out number those who won't.

Funny, even Jim will play with Chris.

So again, who won't play with him???

And you don't think Jim has caused any headaches????

Anonymous said...

First off, I know of No PERSON that would not curl with Jim, and perhaps we should wait to hear what he has to say after January?

AS FOR who wouldn't play with Chris?

Try his entire 2005 or 2006 team, save Cormack.

Chrishas been an ass, and he will now admit it. Therefore, give him a second chance, since Canada starts fresh with all other countries for qualification for 2014, and if Daw can be an asset, the Team Canada program is all about winning, so why not, if he is good enough. Remember, though, that the game has advanced a lot at the top level since Chris played last.

Anonymous said...

Any news from the Stick Spiel? I wonder if Daw and Armstrong played each other?

Anonymous said...

Chris and Jim play each other this morning. Jim is playing well for his first spiel of the season. 3 wins, and 1 loss. In the loss Darryl and Jim failed to score losing 8 - 0

Chris and Gary started strong with 2 wins. Then in the third game Chris had set up a 5 point lead (he has been play very strong) and Gary had 6 stones to throw and was unable to throw a take out ending up in a tie.

Playing the extra end again Gary missed a take out for the loss.

In the spiel each player throws 6 stones in a row then the other player on the team throws 6. In the next game (Jim had the BYE) Same thing, Chris set the team up only to have Gary fail to finish off. Game went to the extra end again. Only to miss a take out again by Gary for the win. Gary has been making some odd calls and when questioned by Chris is sticking to his plan, Chris seems to be non argumentative throwing what he is asked

All in all Chris has been playing strong for some one who as not really played in years. He has excellent take out weight and good draw weight. He has been seen speaking to Jim and Darryl but not sure what about, allot of laughing from him (which is odd for Chris)

This morning should be good. If Gary can play well the game should be close. I would like to see if Jim is throwing against Chris or if it will be Gary who want to.

Anonymous said...

So, who won?

\\my bet is Jim and Darryl by a ton. There is no beating throwing and strategy.

Did Chris and Jim really hit it off well? If so, MAYBE there is a chance for Chris?

I wonder how poor Chris feels? Just think if he had kept his ego under control, and had been Jim's protoge for the last two years? We certainly know what it has done for Darryl's game.

Anonymous said...

my guess is Daw over Armstrong. More motivation, more experience in our game.

Anonymous said...

Armstrong SPANKS Daw 7 - 2, up 5 - 0, and took the foot off the accelerator.

Jim is playing well enough to even win a stick event.... any results?

Anonymous said...

For those anonymous writers who fail to give their names, it appears that winning to these individuals, is the only thing that is important. Why is it that these individuals can be so critical of the play of another individual or team but haven't got the guts to say who they are. I am sure that both Chris & Gary did the best they could, as did Jim & Darryl. It goes on the old saying, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything". Give credit where credit is due. These two teams did not enter the event to be criticized, they entered to do some curling and have some fun. I feel sorry for anyone or team that has a bad end or game. It appears that you are constantly under a microscope when it comes to playing this game. Are we not out here to get some recreation, meet people and have some fun?

Anonymous said...

Was anyone there?

It must be Jim over Chris.

. said...

Darryl Neighbour and Jim Armstrong won the 14 team event.