Thursday, November 18, 2010

Photos from 2010 Worlds Qualifying - Lohja, Finland

The logistics of gathering information about an event often means that photos arrive too late to include in written reports. Below are some team photos and others from the 2010 Worlds Qualifying in Lohja, Finland. All but one of the team photos were taken by Katja Kiiskinen of the Finnish Curling Association, who was, throughout the event always helpful and a valuable source of information.

Top qualifiers China
Haitao Wang, Wei Liu, Guangqin Xu, Jun He

Second qualifiers Russia
(?), Svetlana Pakhomova, (?), Andrey Smirnov, Marat Romanov

3rd place Italy
Edigio Marchese, Gabriele Dallapiccola, Emanuele Spelorzi, Angela Menardi

4th place Japan

Katsuo Ichikawa, Yogi Nakajima, Aki Ogawa, Ayakp Saitoh

Manfred Bolliger, Claudia Huettenmoser, Hieronymus Liechtenhan, Daniel Meyer

Radoslav Duris, Dusan Pitonak, Alena Kánová, Monika Kunkelová

Rosita Jensen, Kenneth Orbaek, Jørn Kristensen with Coach Per Christensen

Vesa Hellman, Tuomo Aarnikka, Markku Karjalainen, Sari Karjalainen
Ojars Briedis, Vita Miezite, Ilmars Nicmanis, Aleksandrs Dimbovkis,
Coach Artis Zentelis (photo - Linda Kirton)

France (unfortunately prevented from competing)
Andre Jouvent, Herve Bouchard, Christophe Amann, Paulette Divine

[photo - Linda Kirton]
Ice-maker Jorgen Larsen, though a Dane, nevertheless dared to arrive at the post tournament banquet wearing his Norwegian pants.
 [photo - Linda Kirton]
And because Finland is only just down the road, Santa paid an early visit to WCF President Kate Caithness and Keith Wendorf, WCF Director of Competitions.

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