Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Six teams competing in the Prague Open November 12-14

Four international teams are traveling to the Czech Republic this weekend for the 2010 Prague Open, November 12-14.

Norway's coach Thoralf Hognestad is introducing a new front end to international competition. Tone Edvartsen will play lead and Terje Rafdal will play 2nd. Long time skip Rune Lorentsen and Jostein Stordahl round out the team.

Team Germany, having displaced Paralympic skip Jens Jäger, will be skipped by Marcus Sieger, who will continue to play 3rd stones, while Jens Gabel throws last. Stefan Deuschl plays lead and Christiane Steger plays 2nd.

Paolo Ioriatti skips an Italian squad with a female, Gabriele Dallapiccola, at 3rd. Poland last appeared in a World event in the 2008  Qualifiers, but none of that team are playing in Prague. Of the four playing now, Eugeniusz Błaszczak played for Poland in 2006 joined by Maciej Karaś in 2007.

The Czechs field two teams in preparation for deciding their squad as hosts of the 2011 Worlds next February.

Teams line-ups can be seen HERE

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