Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Team Canada take to the ice at Richmond Cashspiel Dec 1-4

The Richmond Centre for Disability is sponsoring their 4th Annual International Bonspiel from December 1-4, at the Richmond CC.

Team Canada coaches are forming two teams and Wendy Morgan confirmed that Jim will be playing. Initial team listings show Jim, Darryl, Ina, Sonja and Bruno on one team, with Gerry Austgarden returning to the fold, skipping Frank LaBounty, Whitney Warren and Alberta's Anne Hibberd. Coach Joe Rea may juggle those line-ups during the competition.

Korea, who featured in last year's event, are bringing seven players and three players from the Evergreen CC in Portland, Oregon, will compete in a team skipped by Vancouver's Bob MacDonald. One of the Americans, Stephen Hart, recently returned from a spiel in McCall, Idaho where he was the only wheelchair user at the event.

Stephen Hart - Evergreen CC in Portland, OR

Manitoba's Chris Sobkowicz's team includes Gary Cormack, Chris Daw and Corinne Jensen. Three skips and a lead will be fun to watch. Host Team R.C.D. includes past and present Canadian National Champions Jacqueline Roy, Samantha Siu, Vince Miele, Rich Green and Tom Parker. A seventh team will be made up of those attending but not selected for the other sides.

Play begins on Wednesday, December 1st, and concludes with the playoffs on Saturday, December 4th.  Prizes will be awarded to the top three teams with $1,000 being awarded to the first place team.  There will also be $50 prize money awarded for each win during round-robin play.

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Anonymous said...

Team Canada over Korea in the final

Anonymous said...

Quite a test for Team Canada's first event of the season.

Anonymous said...

It should be a solid challenge for Team Canada. This has to be one of hte better fields, with Korea, and two other domestic teams with TONS of experience. No Cakewalk for Team Canada.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Joe will risk his medal winners intact at this event, or will he switch things up to insure no loss of face?

Anonymous said...

After last weekend's performance, it appears that Jim is ready, with his Tonto, Darryl.

Look for them to hold the fovourites position.

Anonymous said...

Joe won't take a chance on losing. He must be about due for a new contract.

. said...

Financial support for Canadian athletes under the carding system, run from July to June.

Anonymous said...

What about coaches?