Saturday, March 7, 2009

"Wheelchair Watch" column from March 2009 issue of SWEEP! magazine now available online

At the Worlds I’ll be discovering how far curling extends beyond each national team. Jim Armstrong told the Vancouver Courier that typically a sport establishes itself at the grassroots before it holds national or Olympic/Paralympic events. Not wheelchair curling. "They've already got all the perks like the world championships, the Canadian championship and appropriate funding," he observed. "Now it just needs more players." [read more]

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Anonymous said...

What we need is apromotion called "Beat the Team".

Team Canada, or a portion, do the drills and post their scores. Obviously ice conditions would be a factor, and there is no allowance for the "X factor", such as comprehension, compatability, strategy, etc., but it would be a fun barometer, nontheless.