Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Team Germany arriving on the 15th

Jens Jäger, Marcus Sieger, Jens Gäbel, Caren Totzauer, Astrid Hoer
Team Germany arrive in Vancouver on Sunday. They earned their place at the World Championships by earning the best record at the Worlds Qualifying Tournament in Prague last November, losing only to fellow qualifiers China. Jens Jeger and Jens Gabel played on the 2005 team, the last time that Germany competed at the Worlds. They are joined by Marcus Sieger, Caren Totzauer, and Astrid Hoer, and their coach is Helmar Erlewein.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, Eric:

Lots of speculation regarding the Worlds this year.

How much of an impact of Jim Armstrong on Team Caanada's chances?

Who will reach the semi's?

A lot more interest this year......