Thursday, February 26, 2009

Draw 11 Preview

Canada drew the short straw as they play against tournament leaders Germany in one of just two early morning games. If Canada win, they can clinch a playoff spot with a win against Norway this afternoon. If they lose, they will be scrambling for a tie-break chance as either Italy, China or USA will end with only 4 losses, and possibly more than one of those teams will be 5-4.
If China wins twice and Canada loses twice, the teams with 5 losses and back in the game. Vic Rauter would love it.
There have been flurries overnight and it's -2 outside, but the ice makers say that won't changed conditions in the stadium.  "This is a state of the art facility.  It's got everything.  We can adjust it to any weather conditions."

The German coach says, "We will be treating this game like a final.  We are confident.  We don't have a special game plan to play Canada."  Germany are already assured of a place in the 1 -2 game.

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