Saturday, February 21, 2009

Quick impressions of the Canada - Scotland game

For those of you who didn't follow our rock-by-rock live blogging of the game, both teams started very, very slowly, throwing mostly 0's in the first end. Candad got three rocks into the house and those were the three rocks that scored.

A steal of two in the second end put the game away as a competitive match.

The Scottish coach felt that the ice was tricky and the combination of new rocks, new ice, and nerves meant that neither side performed particularly well in the early going. "Canada got their game together before we did."

We are hoping to sort out some of the technical difficulties with the live blogging. Pauses were down to the internet connection, which we hope will improve.

Coach Joe Rea just stopped by and said that he was satisfied with the performance overall. He said that the plan was to not have any rocks out in front of the house, and that's certainly what happened. What misses there were were heavy, and that wasn't accidental. Rea said, "We play to ice conditions. We have different game plans for different ice conditions, "

Hope to see you at 6:00 PM Pacific this evening for Canada vs China, who walloped the USA 6 - 3 this afternoon.


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