Thursday, January 22, 2009

Windsor CC in Nova Scotia now fully accessible

The Windsor CC has been rebuilt and is now fully wheelchair accessible. Club President Rae Winkelaar told Christy Marsters of the Hants Journal that having a curling club that is accessible is great for demonstrating to other clubs that this can be done.  “And, for others in wheelchairs, to be exposed to the fact this is something that’s possible… people can now see how others curl in wheelchairs,” Winkelaar said.  [read full article]

The club held a demonstration day last weekend and hopes to attract enough wheelchair users to form their own club team. Wheelchair curling in Nova Scotia has been centred in Lower Sackville, host to the 2009 Canadian Championships.

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Anonymous said...

So, how will the new Team Canada do this year?

I would hope to see them on the podium, but gold seems a little premature for a new team.