Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chris is baaack! Daw to skip at 2009 Nationals

Long-time Team Canada skip Chris Daw will have recovered from a serious hip injury in time to skip Newfoundland/Labrador team at the 2009 Nationals at the end of March.

The team was formed this season with athletes who bring considerable outside competitive experience to the ice. Darlene Jackman and Joanne MacDonald are Paralympians, Lanie Woodfine is an accomplished road racer, and Felix Green has represented the province at multiple sports.  The team has an experienced coach in Leslie Ann Walsh, herself a Mixed provincial champion.

The team plays out of the Remax Centre in Saint John's, a fully wheelchair accessible facility, right down to the scoreboards. Read full press release HERE (pdf)

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Anonymous said...

Hey...how about a Daw - Armstrong Canadian final.........