Thursday, January 29, 2009

Valentine's Day Give-It-A-Go session in St. John's

Newfoundland's St. John's CC is hosting an introduction to wheelchair curling on February 14th between 11 am and 5 pm. The club plays at the Remax Centre, a fully wheelchair accessible facility. Paralympic gold medal skip Chris Daw will lead the session, though no word on whether he will be accepting Valentine chocolates or kisses.

"This introductory clinic is aimed at anyone in the province who wishes to participate in wheelchair curling and will help build our provincial program," he said. Email Chris Daw at for more information.


Anonymous said...

Seems Chris is back and playing. Is he still on retainer with the CCA?

Will be great to see a Daw - Armstrong Game at the Nationals. Are they actually friends?

Anonymous said...

Still ponders the question why this wasn’t done for the current Team Daw-NL team selection.

Anonymous said...

Any questions regarding the team selection of Newfoundland are to be directed to Leslie Ann Walsh and the NLCA.

Team NEWFONDLAND did a call of all active wheelchair curlers in the province though all curling clubs. if you are NOT a member of a curling club in the province you could not try out. NLCA rules!

8 people were invited to come out and tryout based on membership status.

And for the other person, Chris and Jim are friends!!!!