Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jim Armstrong profiled in The Province

On delivering a rock from a wheelchair with a stick, Armstrong said: "The feel eventually comes through. But what I was used to was doing it from the hack to the hogline [before letting go of the rock]. Now I'm doing it in two feet."

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Anonymous said...

Certainly seems that Canada has improved its medal chances with the addition of Jim Armstrong. He was always a true gentleman in the able-bodied game. Has he been as successful in the Wheelchair game? Has he been accepted by his new fellow players? His inclusion, in my opinion, is a HUGE boost to the Wheelchair sport profile. Congratulations to him.

Anonymous said...

Whoa....what goes around comes around.....thank God Armstrong hung in there in spite of the abuse.....he will be a tremendous assit to the Canadian program, as well as internationally