Friday, November 28, 2008

Canada I over Canada II at Cathy Kerr

Both Team Canada squads had solid wins in the morning draw. Canada 1 blanked USA II by 15-0, and Canada II beat Bradford 9-5.

In the afternoon draw Canada I skipped by Jim Armstrong, beat Gerry Austgarden's Canada II by a score of 8-2.

Here are the full Day 1 results

Draw 1 - Friday 1 pm

Can 1 (Armstrong) 15 - USA II (MacDonald) 0
Can II (Austgarden) 9 - Bradford (Gregory) 5
Toronto (Rees) 7 - Ottawa (Cameron) 4
USA I (Perez) 18 - Ottawa (Fraser) 2

Draw 2 Friday 4:30PM

USA 1 (Perez) 9 - Ottawa (Cameron) 4
Can 1 (Armstrong) 8 - CanII (Austgarden) 2
Bradford (Gregory) 9 - USA II (MacDonald) 3
Toronto (Rees) 9 - Ottawa (Fraser) 6


Anonymous said...

Wow...Armstrong 8 - 2 over Austgarden....Guess who will be skipping this all fairness, many more than Austgarden are out of their league with Armstrong...

Anonymous said...

Watch out for Rees, he took Armstrong to an extra end, and a last rock in the Canadians last year. He is 2-0 after day 1.

. said...

I have a lot of respect for Chris Rees who shows that it is possible to be a quad and still curl competitively.

I watched him go unbeaten in 2006 Nationals round robin before falling 7-1 and 7-0 in the play-offs. The difference was that in the play-offs his competitors put a lot of rocks in the house and he did not have the physical strength to continually throw accurate take-outs.

He's been Ontario champion forever. Good to see he is still playing well and it will be interesting to see how he does against the Big 3 this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Good point regarding Rees. This is why the Canadiand chosen Team should have to compete in the Nationals. Good bench mark for aspiring teams to assess themselves against the best. Also negates the naysayers of a select team, should Team Canada win.

Anonymous said...

J heard the Canada 1 v 2 was much closer than it appeared. Apparently Big Jim made about a twenty foot run-through to set up a three ender to break it open. Good luck to Gerry A.