Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Germany top after round robin at Worlds Qualifying

Germany (8-1) topped the 10 team field after round robin play at the qualifying tournament for the final two places at the 2009 Worlds in Vancouver next February.

Hosts Czech Republic, 2008 Worlds competitor Russia and China, who gave Germany their only defeat, were all 7-2 and will play in the Page play-off Thursday.

Germany v. Russia - winner takes first qualifying spot, loser plays winner of China v. Czech Republic for the second qualifying spot.

CLICK HERE for live line scores.


Anonymous said...


Your information is just a little off here.

Czech finished first an then china with Germany third and then russia fourth.

Czech vs. China in the 1-2 with winner advanced to Worlds.

Loser plays winner of the Germany Russia game for the final spot.

This is referenced from, please make the adjustments.

. said...

The linked page mentioned by the anonymous poster gives 3 different listings of the final standings, depending on where you look on the page.

In selecting the one I put in my report, I assumed that the team with the 8-1 record would rank higher than the 3 teams at 7-2.

If the anonymous poster has direct information from Prague, I would appreciate their contacting me by email. Otherwise I will assume that their guess is as good as my guess, and we'll see who's right tomorrow and correct if necessary.

Anyone else care to guess? Or explain why the 8-1 team plays in the 3/4 game?

Anonymous said...

It is because of the verus record

If Team A finishes higher then team B but during the RR Team B beat Team A. Team B fiishes higher.

China beat Czch this morning and has won the Qualifiers.

Chris Daw has been working with China.

Not questioning you sir, just trying to help!

. said...

I welcome well-intentioned advice and corrections though in this instance it appears that the final standings were as I surmised if you look at the game line scores, in contradiction to the listings on the event website.

I'd welcome any details of Chris Daw's involvement with Team Canada.