Saturday, November 29, 2008

Canada I at 5-0. Austgarden avenges USA bronze defeat

The last time Gerry Austgarden faced USA skip 'Goose' Perez he was shaking hands after lead stones in the final end of the game that gave USA their first World Championship medal. In Draw 3 this morning revenge was sweet as he led Canada II to a 8-6 win over USA I.  Canada I remained unbeaten with a 10-4 win over Bradford.

In Draw 4 this afternoon Canada I raised their record to 4-0 with a 12-4 win over Cameron, while Canada II beat Chris Rees' Toronto 6-2.  

In Draw 5 this evening Canada I  beat Rees 12-4 and Canada II beat  Cameron 8-2.

Draw 3  Saturday 8:30 AM

Cameron 13-0 Fraser
Canada I  10-4  Gregory
USA II  5-10 Rees
Canada II  8-6  USA 1

Draw 4 Saturday 1 PM

USA II 3-8 USA 1
Rees 2-8  Canada II
Fraser 3-15 Gregory
Canada I  12-4  Cameron

Ottawa (Wong-Sing) 2 Lennoxville (Lessard) 7
London (Bell) 5 Ottawa (Michel) 4

Draw 5 Saturday 4:30 PM

Canada II  8-2 Cameron
Gregory 5-9  USA 1
Rees 2-10  Canada 1
USA 2  13-2   Ottawa

Ottawa (Wong-Sing) 7 Ottawa (Michel) 5
London (Bell) 3 Lennoxville (Lessard) 14


Anonymous said...

By the looks of the scores, Armstrong is putting on a clinic for the rest of the field. Best of luck to him, although luck is certainly not required.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Armstrong mad another circus shot to get out of trouble and set up a steal of 4 to break up the game against Gregory.

Anonymous said...

Armstrong is raising his vice's (Neighbour's) game by calling a solid game and reading ice effectively. This alone will make it an easier game for Armstrong

Anonymous said...

Come on, people. One peerson cannot possibly affect a game of four players.

Anonymous said...

First I would like to start by asking those posting comments if they are wheelchair curlers, able bodied curlers or coached any disabled sports or able bodied sports. If you feel so strongly about ur comments then tell us ur experience to justify the comments.

I am not saying Jim Armstrong did not call a solid game or read ice effevtively but were you there to see this happen? If not, then why are u making comments like this.

Made another "circus shot"....were u there many "circus shots" did he make....when you say another. Are routine take outs & draws considered "circus shots"?

Jim Armstrong curled very well and he had three very, very, very strong curlers on his team....please remember curling is a team sport.

I was there....I played against all seven other teams....I was an able bodied curler for 48 years before entering this my fourth year as a wheelchair curler....I am a Level 1 (Club Coach).....I justify my comments by the fact I was there....were you????
Bruce Cameron

Anonymous said...

Bruce, with all due respect, I don't know if some of these comments are from people who attended or not. However, whether someone is able-bodied or in a chair, it doesn't change the value of watching and assessing a shot. In fact, I would think an able bodied fan may expect more for a "circus shot" than a fan in a wheelchair. A fan is a fan.......and seems that Armstrong has a ton of them.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone out there other then Chris understand the value of team dynamics, Sonja Gaudet was and is a huge value to a team of athletes that can bring home a gold. And SPEAKING of gold, just to bring us back to 06, was there a higher medal for them to win? we constantly pick apart the 06 team and you won't be happy until they are all gone. It's really sad to see the amount of scrutiny on players and coaches for what should be an exciting time.

Anonymous said...

Come on...the game in 2006 was completely neophyte. today it is developmental, and after 2010 who knows? Our medal winners in 2006 would not even be close today, as the game is played. Let's see who survives for Team Canada 2010. Armstrong has raised the bar for the entire Sport.

Anonymous said...

Chris, the comment above is very true. You did all you could do in 2006 by bringing home gold. However,the game has changed significantly, both strategically and technically in the past few years. This is being shown in the POTENTIAL displacement (as unfortunate as it may be)of some members of the 2006 team from next year's national team. Also, I cannot imagine that "personal friendship" with a coach will maintain a starting spot in moving the team forward.

Anonymous said...

So Again;

Not my comment please do not assume it is me making the comments. I did not write this nor did I sign it!

Chris Daw

Anonymous said...

Okay, Chris:

Then what is your opinion or Coach Rae?

What are your reasons?

Who Should be coaching?

Anonymous said...

My opinion of Coach Rae is that he is the coach. He uses is knowledge to the best of his ability to max. the potiential of Team Canada.

This is aurgmented by a support staff whom use their abilities to the best of their abilities to mx. the potiential of Team Canada.

I do believe the number one problem with wheelchair curling is the lack of coaches who have the knowledge to be able to help all players obtain Team Canada levels.

An investment in this area, would largely allow for the growth of the sport at an equal level across the country.

Fact is, in the hostiry of wheelchair curling in Canada we have only had 3 coaches for Canada and no more then 15 coaches in all the provinces, all of whom are at different levels of knowledge within the sport.

Just my thoughts....

Chris Daw

Anonymous said...

I would think that Chris would be hard pressed to make this year's team.

By the way,will the team still be announced this week?

. said...

My information is that the decision will be made on Thursday December 4th at which time the 8 squad members will be told which 5 made the cut for the 2009 Worlds.

That team will not necessarily be the same as the 2010 Paralympic team, though it's hard to see, outside of injury, that anyone outside the group of 8 will have a chance of playing in Vancouver in 2010.

Anonymous said...