Monday, August 8, 2011

Nova Scotia loses a skip. New Brunswick gains a mentor

Nova Scotia skip Mike Fitzgerald on home ice at 2009 Nationals
[photo - Ian Readey]

Nova Scotia skip Mike Fitzgerald, who shares with Colleen Jones a record of four consecutive provincial titles, is retiring from his job and moving to New Brunswick where he and his wife Anna spent their childhood.

“I depart with mixed feelings," said Mike. "Loss in leaving a team that had success from a great work ethic and good coaching. Then there is the excitement of retiring and moving home knowing I have plenty of time to help the New Brunswick program develop.

“I have learned a great deal about wheelchair curling. In the beginning there was little instruction. Now I can use all that knowledge about skill development and team dynamics to assist others who are just beginning.”

Friend and teammate Laughie Rutt said, “It's sad to see him move on but it is something Mike had planned for years. Mike took us very close to the big prize. He remains one of the premier curlers in Canada.”

Fitzgerald was known in Lakeshore Curling Club as the ultimate competitor. He could be found at the club at least six times a week either practising or playing. He also worked with new curlers to improve their skills. Quiet and reserved off the ice, you would never find him talking of his accomplishments.

Good luck, Michael.  We'll be looking forward to New Brunswick challenging at future Nationals.

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Bruce Cameron said...

Congratulations on ur retirement Mike....we wish u all the best in NB.....All members of the Capital Wheelchair Curling Club