Monday, August 8, 2011

News from team Canada

There is very little news from Team Canada other than "Team Canada has been meeting and practicing on a regular basis."

There had been hopes to organise an Albertan summer camp for individuals who caught the attention of national coaches during last season's tour. This did not materialise because of unspecified "challenges" but it is hoped that a camp (details have not yet been circulated) can take place at the end of September in Richmond BC.

I am told invitees will be those who displayed the most promise based on (the) various camps from last season or as a result of observed performances and success at the Canadian Championships.

Jim Armstrong update: Jim's son Greg has been moved to a federal prison in Mississippi. Jim tells me there "are some interesting scenario's developing" but his son's present situation prevents him from making good on his promise to tell his side of the story in public. It is a story that the CCA have apparently heard and accepted for Jim to remain on the programme.

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