Thursday, July 21, 2011

Russia beats Cormack's BC team to win Cape Cod Summerspiel

Team Russia (red) and Team Cormack

Russia beat BC's Team Cormack 8-6 in the final of the 2nd Annual Cape Cod Summerspiel in Falmouth, MA topping a field that included the Scots "A" squad's first appearance under new Canadian coach Tony Zummack, as well as Team Quebec, and players in the USA national squad.

Vince Miele, BC's 2nd, said: "It was a close game [and] we're pretty proud that our team with our teammates spread out around the province having little time to practice together, and no coach, can hold our own against provincial teams like Quebec and national teams like Scotland and Russia.

"And what fun we're having!"

Russia, still relative newcomers to international wheelchair curling, continued the form that took them to their first semi-final appearance at the 2011 Worlds. With three seasons still to go before they host the 2014 Paralympics, they will be serious medal contenders in Sochi.

Miele reports the 3-4 game between Quebec and Scotland was won by Quebec 9-3 and the USA - USA/Canada game was won by USA by a score of 10-2.

"Our hosts and all the volunteers at this small club of about 250 have been fantastic, providing everything we needed, from transportation, to meals and even a bit of a tour. Overall, an experience we're glad we didn't miss and would be happy to come back to next year,' said Miele.

The Quesnel Cariboo Observer published a report including this photo, prior to the 1 vs 2 game. It can be read HERE.

Vince Miele, Frank LaBounty, Alison Duddy and Gary Cormack

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Wayne said...

Congrats Gary, Allison, Vince and Frank. Nice to see you guys could compete with the best. Keep up the good work and look forward to when we cross paths again.