Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thank you

I'd like to publicly thank the Calgary Wheelchair Curling Association for their very generous donation in support of this blog and wheelchaircurling.com.

Their show of support, along with the others I receive from time to time, allows me not only to recoup the expenses of runing the blog and website, but also makes it easier to justify the time that I devote to keeping up with what's happening in wheelchair curling, both in Canada and around the world.


Jack Smart said...

You are welcome Eric.

We appreciate you keeping the Wheelchair Community informed and for providing a terrific platform to share communication.


Please show your support for Wheelchaircurling.com by financially supporting them with a donation. The costs in running the website, contacting people, travel, and time spent writing, editing and reviewing communication to the site by Eric and Cate should not be their burden alone. These costs should be shared by those benefiting from it. So please show your support and allow this site and communication to grow so that we can continue to showcase this great sport to our communities and the world.

Thanks and good curling to all.

Jack Smart
Calgary Wheelchair Curling Association

Michael Alberg said...

Already done. How but the rest of you including anonymous?