Saturday, January 29, 2011

Team Canada training in Kelowna this weekend

Team Canada made an unannounced appearance at the Kelowna CC this morning and are on the ice now (noon) in what is the last opportunity for the team to get together before the Prague Worlds (Feb 21 - March 3). The BC Provincials are next weekend, and Jim Armstrong is due to be in Seattle the following Friday. National Team Coach Joe Rea is leading this weekend's session.

They have ice time booked for 8AM tomorrow (Sunday) for anyone local interested in seeing them.

Sunday Update - Chris Sobkowicz has joined Jim, Darryl and Ina for the Sunday morning session.


Anonymous said...

Is Chris in?

Anonymous said...

Did you drop by, Eric?

. said...

I would have done if there had been some minimal advanced notice that the team was coming to Kelowna. Could have got the local TV out as well. They were at the club covering the International Children's Games.

I'm told Team Canada's on-ice time was spent doing drills - Joe and Jim in the house, Darryl holding the broom when Jim threw.

Anonymous said...

I've heard that Team Canada is playing better than ever. It's too bad they didn't contact you for an interview.