Monday, January 17, 2011

Team Canada 2011 set for Prague World Championships

We have just received official confirmation that Team Canada for the 2011 World Championships in Prague, February 21 to March 3, will be:

Jim Armstrong (BC) - skip
Darryl Neighbour (BC) - 3rd
Ina Forrest (BC) - 2nd
Sonja Gaudet (BC) - lead
Bruno Yizek (AB) - alternate

Coach - Joe Rea
Team Leader - Wendy Morgan
Mental Trainer - Dr.Laura Farres

This is the same team that won gold in Vancouver last March. Hopefully a team photo will be available soon.

In response to a query about Team Canada's low profile this season, Program Director Gerry Peckham responded:  "This has basically been a year off as it relates to the intensity and profile of Team Canada activities. Our focus has been on regionally based talent ID and development and our NTP athletes have been engaged in assisting Wendy and Joe with that undertaking along with a personal focus on their own skill development. They are willingly “putting back into the sport” and have done an excellent job on behalf of the program in the years to come….

"We will gear up again next year."

It is understandable that after the rigours and the success of last season, National Team Program (NTP) members were entitled to an easier year post-Vancouver, and some have been very active in various CCA sponsored regional initiatives this season.

On the other hand, with interest in wheelchair curling potentially at its highest after a Paralympic gold medal, more CCA or NTP information (and dare we suggest photos) on just what the national team has been doing since March would capitalise on that interest.

While this blog receives responses to specific questions, the best publicity is proactive. Perhaps it's time for someone at the CCA or the NTP to be responsible for, and committed to, gathering and sharing publicity information.


Anonymous said...

Not sure Bruno will go as he did not attend Scotland due to health issues. This seems to be an ongoing problem for him. Chris S. has gone in his place.

. said...

Team Leader Wendy Morgan told me this morning that Bruno was expected to travel to Prague, even though illness prevented him from travelling to Scotland.