Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Shared happiness is doubled happiness" - Jalle Jungnell

Glenn Ikonen & Jalle Jungnell with their shared Paralympic medal

On the eve of their tie-break game at the Vancouver Paralympics, Sweden's Glenn Ikonen, who had been throwing 4th stones for struggling skip Jalle Jungnell, was suspended for failing a drug test.

The blood pressure medication that he had been taking for years across many tournaments, was through oversight or ignorance, in violation of the rules, and Glenn was not on the podium when Sweden ultimately placed 3rd.

"He didn't get a medal, so I cut mine in half, made molds of the halfs in tin, and glued them together," said Jalle.

"It just felt like the right thing to do. Glenn was so much a part of our medal team, it felt nice to give him a little piece of recognition.

"Don't misunderstand, I totally understand the decision to suspend him, and not give him a medal, but as a friend, and as friends, we all suffered with him.

"He was really happy when he got his half homemade medal, and shared happiness is doubled happiness."

Amen to that, Jalle.


Anonymous said...

I think this is a true meaning of sportsmanship, great example for a lot of people to follow.

Johanne Poulin said...

I would say it's a curling attitude, being gentleman and recognizing the team's work.

CONGRATS for your initiative Jalle!