Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jim Armstrong sentencing delayed until February 11

Jim Armstrong and his son Gregory were to appear in Judge Martinez US Federal Courtroom tomorrow, January 28, for sentencing related to their plea agreements signed last October.

The case has been continued and sentencing rescheduled because the US District Attorney's Office did not complete in time the paperwork that the Armstrongs require to be allowed into the United States.

Sentencing is now set for Friday Fenruary 11 at 1.30PM for Jim, and 2PM for Gregory.


Anonymous said...

US doesn't have its paper work in order????

Right on. I saw Jim at RCC on MONDAY, and he said things were "tied up". ANd they can't get paperwork in order in a week? Sounds like there is some posturing going on, in my opinion, AND Jim couldn't stall why the US Government?

Jim travelled internationally this month. I know this is a complete No-No prior to a Court appearance

Has Team Canada said anything, Eric? MAYBE there is more to the story....

. said...

I was told that the paperwork is just for entry into the United States - and the Attorney General's office didn't get it processed in time. There has to be some notice, with events happening across national borders, so a continuance of two weeks was requested and granted.