Monday, November 8, 2010

Worlds Qualifying - Day 2

Team Italy's Edigio Marchese has led his team to a 3-0 start

[Photo: Finnish Curling Association/Katja Kiiskinen]

Hosts Finland, who had a bye in the opening draw when France were unable to compete, faced Switzerland in Draw 2 of Worlds Qualifying. They gave up a steal of 2 in the 1st then exchanged 2's for Swiss 3's, losing 9-6.

Russia opened with 4 stolen points against Slovakia, then saw their lead disappear into a two point deficit as Slovakia stole singles in four consecutive ends. Russia took 2 in the 8th and stole a 7-6 win with a single in an extra end.

Denmark posted their second loss despite steals in the first 3 ends against Italy, who recovered from 5-3 down after 6, by stealing a 6-5 win.

Japan had a comfortable 10-3 win over Latvia and China had a bye.

In the afternoon session hosts Finland, despite spotting Latvia to a 5 point lead, all on steals, stole the last four ends to win 7-5. Latvia looked as though they would pull out a win down one in the 8th, with a spectacular double raise. But Finnish skip Tuomo Aarnikka managed a freeze with his final stone and Aleksandrs Dimbovkis' last rock draw went two centimeters too far to force an extra end.

Italy continued their perfect start with a win over Slovakia, 8-5. Behind by three after two ends, they drew level on two impressive last stones by stand-in skip Edigio Marchese in the 3rd, and earned their win without the hammer.

Team Russia - Andrey Smirnov

[Photo: Finnish Curling Association/Katja Kiiskinen]

Russia found themselves down one without hammer after 7 ends against favoured Switzerland, but with a steal of one in the 8th and another in the extra, posted a 9-8 win.

China had a comfortable 10-2 win over Denmark. Japan, scheduled to play France, had a bye. The French team, though disappointed not to be playing, have remained in Lohja and are enjoying the experience of watching international level wheelchair curling.

Denmark's Jorgen Larsen is the ice-maker, and ice on the second day, with the arena slightly less cold, was a little quicker and still with plenty of curl. Teams appear happy with the ice conditions.

Table after 3 draws

Italy           3 - 0
China         2 - 0
Russia        2 - 1
Switzerland 2 - 1
Finland       1 - 1
Japan         1 - 1
Slovakia      1 - 2
Denmark     0 - 3
Latvia         0 - 3

Full results can be found HERE. Click on the date to see line scores.

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