Sunday, November 21, 2010

Quebec takes Cathy Kerr final after extra end

Quebec stole a point from USA1 in an extra end of the final to win the 6th Annual Cathy Kerr Memorial in Ottawa.

Quebec were down by 3 in the eighth but sitting 3 when skip Ben Lessard drew for the win with his last stone. The rock went through the house, forcing an extra end.

In the 9th USA1 had their own chance to win with their last rock. Quebec had a biter counting shot stone back 12, and USA skip Goose Perez had only to reach the rings for the victory, but his draw came up short. Goose's team lost their lead, Tammy Delano, after the first match. She had a nasty fall when her chair tipped over backwards. Sue, a an inexperienced but very game substitute, joined Jimmy Joseph and Bob Prenoveau to finish out the tournament.

Earlier USA1 had extended their unbeaten record with a semi-final win over Bruce Cameron's home-ice squad, while Quebec extended their perfect record with a win over Ken Gregory's Bradford rink.

Bradford later beat Cameron to take 3rd spot.

In the recreational division, Team Michel finished 1st, over Beaudin, then Quebec and Wong-Sing.

More details if and when available.


WFicek said...

Congrats to Quebec for a mighty fine win. Also to all finalist as it sounds like a pretty good spiel. Hope to make it next year.

Keep up the good work

Wayne Ficek
Northern ONT

Unknown said...

Hi all, I competed in the Bonspiel for Cathy Kerr this was my first. I wanted to congradulate the Ottawa RA centre Bruce Cameron and all of the volunteers for an outstanding event. I played for the Gold in the rec division on Sunday we settled for the Silver. I had a great experience meeting teams from around our country and two teams from the USA. Congrads to all the the teams and hope to see all next year. Joy

Carl Rennick, CoCoach, Team Bradford said...

I would like to congratulate Bruce Cameron and his committee for putting on an outstanding event. The competition was great and the fellowship equally so.

I do find it concerning though, that with the CCA based in the Ottawa area, not one representative from the CCA managed to see fit to drop in---even though there were three reigning provincial champions participating as well as representation from Manitoba. If in fact someone from the CCA did attend, I will stand corrected--even though they didn't make their presence very well known. Not a stellar show of support for the sport from the National Body.

Michael Alberg said...

And a good time was had by all.

Ernie Comerford, Coach Ilderton said...

I too wish to expresss deep concerns about the lack of the CCA even making a brief appearance. The Ottawa organizers do a great job annually and with four provinces and the USA represented, polite courtesy should have been shown.

The head office is about 40 minutes away from the rink...surely someone could have attended.

The growth of WC is due to these great players and the dedication of the Coaches (who usually run the whole program locally)and a simple thanks should be offerred.

Sorry CCA, I feel your actions are shameful. The "grass roots" need more attention.

Goose said...

Bruce and Melissa, great job with the Kathy Kerr spiel this weekend. It was great to be there again. Looking forward to return next year.
It is fun to see all the teams from last year plus the new is great for the sport and a great chance to play against another wheelies.... also thanks for moving it a week before thanks giving.....first time home since 2005 for wife and twins appreciate it...

. said...

I have been in contact with Greg Stremlaw who confirms that neither he, nor Gerry nor Wendy received an invitation to attend the Cathy Kerr. He pointed out that the CCA was hosting the National Mixed Championship in Morris, Manitoba. a national team training camp in Richmond, BC. and that there was also a Sport Leadership conference at which a few of the HP staff were presenters and delegates.

His schedule took him out of Ottawa for press gatherings and review meetings following major event announcements in Napanee and Kingston, Ontario at the end of last week.

Anonymous said...

People have to put their knives away regarding the CCA

Bruce Cameron said...

First off no one has to put their knives away regarding the CCA. The comments are based on what is perceived as lack of interest or concern in our sport.

Eric, you are correct no one from the CCA was invited. As I have stated in an email I am preparing for the CCA, I was unaware that a personal invitation to someone from the governing body of curling for the entire country that is HQed in Ottawa, the site of the spiel, was required.

I would also like to share a little known fact about Team Canada and its current coach and manager. Two years ago they made a verbal committment to the organizing committee of the Cathy Kerr Spiel to attend the bonspiel. Sometime later while perusing wheelchair we found out they had decided to attend a spiel in Prague. We then contacted the team manager and it was confirmed they had opted to attend a different spiel. Since then we have had no need to invite Team Canada as we have easily filled our ten spots and have a waiting list for future years.

I am also under the impression after doing minimal research that these on going talent identification camps are little more than information sessions with very, very, very little to nil skill testing and evaluation.

Can people who have attended one of these camps please set the record straight and describe the agenda of the camp and what they got out of it ?

Anonymous said...

Bruce, your knives are showing again.....see Joe Rea's comments.

Why not just say you don't like the system or the principals and be done with it. If I had a similar personality conflict with you, as they obviously do, I wouldn't be attending your event either.

Further, do you actuually believe playing in Ottawa gives Team Canada the same exposure to international competition as Prague? Come on, Bruce, let's at least be a wee bit open minded.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Bruce your attempt at objectivity is always lost in your bias against the existing Program, regardless of its success. Someone earlier pointed out that a lot of our Program funding is linked to exposure and success, and Canada couodn't do much better.

Unknown said...
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