Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jim Armstrong pleads guilty to "intent to mislead or defraud"

Jim Armstrong, skip of Canada's gold medal winning Paralympic wheelchair curling team, today changed his plea to guilty of distributing pills with an intent to deceive. The trafficking charges outlined in the original indictment are presumably dropped and the trial scheduled for Monday October 25th will not take place.

He faces up to three years prison, though the plea agreement, which does not bind the sentencing judge, recommends that he be fined $50,000, perform community service hours and be sentenced to the time he already served in U.S. Custody. Sentencing is scheduled for January 28th before Judge Martinez of the US District Court.

Here's part of the United States Attorney’s Office press release.


Counterfeit Drugs Shipped from China and India to Blaine Post Office, Distributed in Canada

            JAMES PETER ARMSTRONG, 59, of Richmond B.C. Canada, and his son, GREGORY JAMES ARMSTRONG, 28, also of Richmond, B.C., pleaded guilty today in U.S. District Court in Seattle to selling and dispensing counterfeit drugs with the intent to mislead or defraud.  JAMES ARMSTRONG is a retired dentist and was a member of the Canadian Paralympic curling team.  The men face up to three years in prison when sentenced by U.S. District Judge Ricardo S. Martinez on January 28, 2011.

Read the full release HERE


Anonymous said...

Well I wonder how this plays out with Jim's funding and place on the national team. If we look at the National Team Program Standards and Guidelines under Athlete's Obligations...

The Athlete Shall:

f) avoid any action or conduct that would reasonably be expected to significantly disrupt or interfere with a competition or the preparation of any Athlete for a competition. When under the jurisdiction of the CCA, avoid any action or conduct that would in any way (in the opinion of the Team Program Management) reflect detrimentally upon the image of the National Team Program, CCA or Canada;

Interesting indeed. What does everyone think? For those that would like to read it for themselves:

Anonymous said...

Interesting indeed. The program has lost good players which NEVER did anything like this. Would be interesting to see if they allow him to stay in the program.

And if so, if others which are not in the program any more call foul!!!!

. said...

I have been in contact with Jim and he feels unable to add any information beyond what is already public, until the end of the legal process; so therefore not before January 28th, 2011.

. said...

I received this comment from Greg Stremlaw, CEO of the CCA.

"In terms of Jim Armstrong's guilty plea, the Canadian Curling Association will be reviewing the details of said plea; discussing the matter with our National Program management staff; and will be re-commencing discussions with some of our stakeholders such as Sport Canada.
There are necessary procedures to take prior to any potential actions being taken.

From there, the Canadian Curling Association will make any determinations about this recent news and what the next steps will be."

. said...

This story has finally hit the national press. A reporter quotes me as saying I am "very disappointed" in Jim.

What I actually said was I was disappointed that the plea might make it less likely that Jim would be involved as an ambassador for the sport (as I suggested in SWEEEP! last March.)

It is not for me to pass moral judgement on Jim or anyone.