Sunday, October 24, 2010

Team Canada honoured at CPC Gala

Sonja Gaudet, with CPC Board member Josh Vander Vies and Greg Sremlaw
Canadian Paralympic Committee yesterday honoured the Canadian Wheelchair Curling Team with the Best Team Award for winning Canada's second consecutive gold medal in the sport.

"These athletes made the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Winter Games a significant moment in Canadian sport history and reaffirmed to the world that Team Canada is a strong competitor," said Henry Storgaard, Chief Executive Officer for the CPC. "I am so pleased we could honour them here today and give them the recognition they deserve for their incredible accomplishments. By their excellence, they have raised the profile of the Paralympic Movement and have inspired a whole nation."

This is the first time CPC has developed its own awards to recognize the athletes at the national level. Sonja Gaudet attended the ceremony and accepted the award on behalf of the team from the CCA's  Chief Executive Officer, Greg Stremlaw.


Anonymous said...

It was great to be at this event, see the coaches and athletes recognized for the amount of work they have put in and to have wheel chair curling at centre stage for the first ever CPC awards. Congratulations to the CCA for putting together a plan that worked and for the foresight they have had to produce a solid program.

Anonymous said...

Is the above comment from Sonja?