Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jim Armstrong cleared to skip Canada at 2010 Paralympics

6-time Brier competitor Jim Armstrong, presently skipping a Canadian team at the Kinross International bonspiel in Scotland, met today with the WCF's eligibility classifier and the word is that he has been cleared to play in WCF events. Though the decision has not been officially announced, a highly placed CCA source confirmed the change, noting that Manitoba's Chris Sobkowicz, who also makes every effort not to limit his movement to his wheelchair while being unable to enter the ice without it, has been similarly declared eligible.

Armstrong was already eligible for Canadian competition and skipped BC to the 2008 national title, but had previously been denied eligibility for world events by the WCF. He will now be eligible to skip Team Canada at the 2009 Worlds in Vancouver and also the 2010 Vancouver Paralympics.

The issue of eligibility was discussed in this article. While it is not yet known what made the WCF change their minds on Armstrong, is is in all likelihood a recognition that his reliance on a wheelchair has increased in the past year as predicted in this news item.

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