Saturday, October 18, 2008

Canada sending 2 teams to Kinross International

The Kinross International Invitational will take place October 21-23rd. Teams from Canada (2) Great Britain,  Scotland (2) England, Wales, Norway, Russia and Switzerland  will compete in 2 groups with the final set for 3.15pm local time next Thursday.

The 5 member Team Canada squad (Neighbour, Austgarden, Forrest, Gaudet and Cormack) will be joined by Jim Armstrong, Chris Sobkowicz and Bruno Yizek.

Canada are hoping during the trip to have the WCF's eligibility assessor declare Armstrong eligible for WCF (and therefore Paralympics) competition, presumably on the grounds that though he does not presently use a wheelchair for his daily mobility, his condition is deteriorating and he is only able to curl from a wheelchair.

The event brochure states that the "competition will follow WCF rules" so it is unclear what will happen is the assessor's opinion does not go Canada's way.

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