Monday, December 27, 2010

Answers to the 2010 Christmas Quiz

Here are the answers to our 2010 Christmas Quiz. Correct answers in BOLD. Maximum score 30 points.
1. From the list of people below, identify who

A) left a double world championship team to coach his national squad at the 2010 Worlds Qualifying. Per Christensen left Norway to coach his national Danish side

B) was deposed as skip of his Paralympic team by his 3rd. Jens J├Ąger, skip of TeamGermany, replaced by Marcus Sieger.

C) withdrew from the Paralympics after failing a drug test. Glen Ikonen for using a banned blood pressure medication.

D) described wheelchair curling as the roller derby of curling. Jim Armstrong - Team Canada skip

E) withdrew from his national team shortly after being selected, because of shoulder surgery. Patrick McDonald - Team USA

2. Which current Team Canada Paralympian has 13 siblings? Darryl Neighbour

3. Which Province held a 3 on 3 two team playdown to see who would claim the girl? Nova Scotia. Debbie Earle played for the winning threesome

4. He provided online commentary at the Paralympics, and was inducted into the London ON Sports Hall Of Fame. Who is he? Chris Daw

5. Who said of skipping “It makes me think. If I don’t come off the ice with a headache, I didn’t think hard enough.” Augusto 'Goose' Perez - Team USA skip.

6. Which 4 sport Paralympian said prior to Vancouver: "It takes you right round the world, you see some amazing places. I'm away somewhere every month, it's a full-time job now." Tom Killin - 2nd for Team Great Bitain/Scotland

7. True or False

a) feet may not touch the ice during delivery - TRUE
b) a delivery is legal if any part of the rock is touching the guidelines either side of the centre line - FALSE the rock must be positioned within the two lines.
c) at WCF events the time clocks stop during the one minute time outs when coaches may speak to their team - FALSE the clock stops while the coach is moving to the ice, but restarts when he reaches the team
d) players may be substituted during a game but must play the same position as the person they replace TRUE

8. As hosts of the 2011 Worlds, the Czech Republic took one of the eight spots allocated to the points leaders at the previous three Worlds. Who lost out from automatic qualification? CHINA were tied for 5th at the 2009 Worlds, but given 8th place after tie-breaks, but the bottom 3 teams in 2009 were forced to re-qualify. China were successful at the 2010 Qualification Tournament.

9. The oldest athlete at the Paralympics was 75. What country did he curl for?
Japan - Takashi Hidai

10. Which country arrived at the 2010 World Wheelchair Qualifying Championships, but was not allowed to play? France - they did however play some exhibition games.

11. What continent saw it's first dedicated curling ice opened to wheelchair users? Australia - Ice House in Melbourne's Docklands - expecting a surge of interest in curling from disgruntled cricket fans after Australia's dismal performance at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in the 4th Ashes Test Match.

12. Whose Canadian record will be snapped in March 2011 at seven consecutive National Championship appearances? Whitney Warren, who is not scheduled to compete at this year's BC Provincials in Kimberley.

13. Pair the player with their team

A) Jostein Stordahl - Norway
B) Patrik Burman - Sweden
C) Claudia Huttenmoser - Switzerland
D) Egidio Marchese - Italy
E) Katsuo Ichikawa - Japan
F) James Pierce - USA
G) Mi-Suk Kang - Korea
H) Aileen Neilson - Great Britain
I) Marcus Sieger - Germany

14. Eight of the nine players listed in #13 share something in common. Who is the odd person out? Mi-Suk Kang - the others all played 3rd at some pint during the Paralympics.

15. Why did power wheelchair users have reason to celebrate a 2010 WCF decision. The ban on power chairs was lifted for the Worlds and Paralympics.

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