Thursday, November 19, 2009

US Open begins at the Utica CC November 20

Just four teams will be competing at the US Open this weekend at the Utica CC in upstate New York.

Two USA teams, including the five players chosen to represent USA at the Paralympics, will face Team Gregory from Bradford ON and Team Cameron from Ottawa ON.

USA I - Augusto Perez (NY), James Pierce (NY), James Joseph (NY), Tammy Delano (NY). (Jacqui Kapinowski (NJ) is recovering from the flu and will not be playing in this event.)

USA II - Patrick McDonald (CA), Bob Prenoveau (NY), John Powell (TX), Dennis Williams.

Tean Bradford - Ken (Mr. TV) Gregory, Katie Paialunga, Jim Primavera, Collinda Joseph.

Team Ottawa - Bruce Cameron, Doug Morris, Jamie Eddy, Chrstine Lavallee.

The format will be double round robin, with Draw 6 scheduled for Sunday morning, followed by the final.

The small field is the result of a surfeit of November tournaments here and in Europe, forcing coaches (and funders) to choose which events to support. Great Britain, who have attended Utica in the past, this year decided to go to Ottawa's Cathy Kerr spiel the following weekend, and were not able to extend their trip to cover both events. Canada will be flying in the opposite direction, leaving next week for a tournament in Prague.

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Evelina said...

Will you have results from the tournament over in Prague?