Saturday, November 7, 2009

Canada take $1,000 for Richmond win

3rd Darryl Neigbour celebrates the last rock of the final - 
a tap back of Korea's red shot rock to score 3 for Canada

All photos - John Sims, Team Canada

The three most experienced teams, the only teams that had previously played together, shared the $2,000 purse on the final day of the Richmond International.

The morning semi-final between Korea (4-1) and Alberta (2-3) did not see a repeat of Korea's narrow four ends apiece 7-5 round robin win. Korea posted steals of 3 in the second and seventh ends to ease to an 11-2 victory and a place in the afternoon final.

KOR   1  3  0  0  3  1  3    11
AB     0  0  1  1  0  0  0     2

The final began with Canada taking 2, but then, sitting 2, skip Armstrong's last rock was light, giving Korean skip Haksung Kim the opportunity to throw a six second double takeout that scored 3.

Jim Armstrong hit back with a double takeout of his own to score 5 in the third. Canada then stole 2 when Korea, after a timeout, crashed a guard with their last rock. Korea fought back with one in the fifth and a steal of 2 in the sixth. In the seventh, Korea were lying 1 guarded when Armstrong tapped a Canadian stone back to displace shot stone and score 3, and the teams shook hands.

CAN   2  0  5  2  0  0  3    12
KOR   0  3  0  0  1  2  0     6

The winners received $1,000, with $600 going to Korea and $400 to Alberta.

Team Canada - 1st
Richmond International

Team Korea - 2nd

Team Alberta - 3rd

You can see more photos from the Richmond International HERE. John Sims is the media attache and photographer for Team Canada at the Paralympic Games


Evelina said...

Congratulations to our Team Canada - good position leading up to the Paralympics!

Anonymous said...

Wow....sems Jim is already back on track....what is next????

Anonymous said...

Well done, Canada.

Korea is one of the better throwing team in the world, and were obviously dominated by Canada

Anonymous said...

Look out for Team Canada.....Sonja and Ina will hold their own against any team, Darryl is struggling yet, but Bruno stepped in and showed well, and Jim is quite simply nothing short of spectacular. In the Korean final, He makes a double to count 5, and closes the game out with a ten foot run-through for 3. It will e interesting if they can maintain the momentum

Anonymous said...

Yes Team Canada are definitely proving to be the frontrunners....what a change a year makes!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Canada, Jim and Darryl for putting on a great event

The team is very comfortable and on schedule for 2010

Anonymous said...

I have to wonder if Team Canada has peaked or not....I know JIM was not happy with performance last season, when they WON.....can they maintain momentum, though????

Can Sonja, Ina and Darryl provide enough support??????

Just thinking out loud

Anonymous said...

I believe that as Jim teaches the rest of the team the "lttle things", they will get better again, and more likely to be able to improve consistency

Anonymous said...

Jim will have the team ready for the Paralympics....unfortunately it will be a sudden death final, which we hope doesn't have a minor problem. Would they win if it were anything but a 1 game final?

I would bet the farm on them, IF Jim is healthy, and through his family isues.

Anonymous said...

If Team Canada hit the medals in Prague, I have to think they will be odds-on favourite for March.

Anonymous said...

The most important thing to remember is "Performance on Demand". I know that Canada is very close to being able to give a "Gold Medal Performance" every time they step on the ice. Korea had an incredible performance against Alberta and played very avaerage against Tean Canada. Consistency in sports is eveything and Team canada was definitely the most consistent team in Richmond.

Anonymous said...

Big Jim will lead Team Canada all the way. If he gets healthy there will be NO stopping Canada.

Anonymous said...

Heard rumblings that Jim mot play in Prague.....further family issues and a shouder that is still bad. Everyone now wants to focus on March....he likely played in Richmond because it was convenient.

Anonymous said...

Jim's shoulder is still not healthy, but I wouuld think that unless further surgery is needed, he will continue to play

Anonymous said...

I suspect the car crash may have caused more damage than admitted. That said, Jim played relly well in the games I saw at Richmond

Anonymous said...

He went on the last Europe trip, when iss ues had to be worse than now. I can't see him not supprting the team unless something else has happened. Needless to say, I trust nothing further has happened.

Anonymous said...

Saw Jim and Darryl at the Richmond Club today.

A photographer was doing a shoot of Jim during their practice. Jim and Darryl seemed pretty loose. Didn't talk to them, however.

Anonymous said...

I saw them today, as well.

Did you see the way he was wheeling around?

Not very comfortable, in my opinion