Thursday, November 19, 2009

Manitobans form their own Association

Richard Dudek, Presdent of the newly formed
Manitoba Wheelchair Curling Association

Effie Loubardias, Secretary

Dennis Thiessen, Membership

Joyce Horvath, Treasurer

Wheelchair users in Manitoba will now be represented by their own MCA affiliated Manitoba Wheelchair Curling Association. Newly elected President Richard Dudek explains:

"This was done because we were at one time part of the Manitoba Wheelchair Sports Association. but in 2008 funding was deleted and we were on our own.

"We have struggled but are now a going concern. As chairperson, I have just signed an affiliation agreement with the Manitoba Curling Association. Our mandate is twofold: to create a large base of wheelchair curlers who will take part in recreational curling to begin with and then hopefully curl competitively; and to continue the competitive aspect of the sport and foster a larger number of teams working towards this goal.

"We are currently seeking sponsorship through grants and the corporate sector. it is my hope that we will be able to conduct four or five curling clinics throughout the province, and perhaps host a mid-west challenge for competitive curlers in the new year."

Richard Dudek can be reached by email at this address.

Manitoba's best known wheelchair curler is Chris Sobkowicz, who was the primary mover in starting wheelchair curling in the province. He then decided to concentrate on his involvement with Team Canada, and represented his country at the 2009 World Championships where he won a gold medal, though he did not make the 2010 Paralympic team.

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