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    Saturday, December 13, 2008

    $5,000 Richmond International Cashspiel Semi-Final

    The final day of the 2nd Annual Richmond International Cashspiel saw round robin winners Alberta blank 4th place hosts Richmond 15-0 in 6 ends in the first semi-final. Armstrong's Canada II squad took just 7 ends to defeat Michael McCreadie's Great Britain team 13-5 in the other semi-final.

    Alberta will play Armstrong for the trophy and the $1500 1st prize. Richmond plays Great Britain for 3rd.

    Alberta 15-0 (6 ends) Richmond
    Canada II (Armstrong) 13-5 (7ends) Great Britain

    Alberta v. Canada II

    3rd place
    Great Britain v. Richmond

    With $50 at stake for each game won during the week, the other teams also played this morning, Manitoba edging Victoria 6-5 and Austgarden beating
    Scotland 12-4

    For team line-ups see entry for Day 1 December 10

    The sponsors, Hosting BC, the Rick Hanson Foundation, the City of Richmond and the Richmond Centre for Disability, not only provided for a cash prize pool of $5,000 but also gave travel grants of $2,000 to the British team and $750 each to Alberta and Manitoba to help defray expenses. Victoria also received assistance from Hanson's Wheels in Motion.

    Photographs from the event will eventually be available at the Richmond Centre for Disability's website.


    Tingmeso said...

    Kudos to the sponsors for their wonderful support and their hospitality. Well done to all of you.

    Have to throw this in....GO ALBERTA!!

    Ernie Comerford
    Wheelchair Coach
    London Ontario

    Anonymous said...

    Armstrong loses!!!!

    Alberta, with a couple of fortunate breaks in the early going, stole the 8th and extra end to beat Armstrong.

    On the 8th, Armstrong mad a 20 foot runback to spill one of two off the button to salvage a tie.

    On the extra, Armstrong had a hit and roll off his own rock onn the side of the four foot. He needed a two foot roll, but only got about a foot, leaving Alberta with the steal.

    Very entertaining....