Friday, December 5, 2008

U.S. Open begins in Utica NY

The 2nd annual U.S. Open, featuring the Great Britain Paralympic squad, began today at the Utica Curling Club, NY. Both US teams posted two wins in the opening draws.

Draw 1 results
USA I 11-2 GB I
USA II 11-3 Gregory (Bradford ON)
Cameron (Ottawa ON) 9-4 GB II

Draw 2 results
USA I 7-5 Cameron
GB I 7-6 Gregory

USA I - Perez, Pierce, Joseph, Kapinowski
USA II - McDonald, Heathcoat, Dorsett, Delano
Ottawa - Cameron, Morris, Eddy, Lavallee
Bradford - Gregiry, Cannerella, Joseph, Palalunga
GB I - Neilson, McCreadie. Ewan, Keith
GB II - Sellar, Killin, Lenton, McKenzie

Canada, played in Ottawa last weekend and will play in Richmond BC next week so did not attend this event, which Great Britain won last year.

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