Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Richmond International - Day 1

Consistent with the coaches' insistence that no decision has yet been made about which of the eight squad members competing in Richmond will become Team Canada 2009, Canada I is being skipped by Gerry Austgarden while Jim Armstrong skips Canada II.

In the morning draw Great Britain beat Austgarden 8-4, while Armstrong beat Alberta 12-3. It took Manitoba an extra end to defeat Victoria 8-6, and Richmond beat Scotland 6-5.

In the afternoon Armstrong beat Austgarden 11-6, Richmond beat Manitoba 7-6, Victoria beat Scotland 10-4 and Alberta beat Great Britain 9-5.

Draw 3 was a short session "skills" competition. Each team member drew to the button with the cumulative distance from the button determining the winner: Austgarden (156") over Richmond (291"), Manitoba (262") over Armstrong (283"), Alberta (143") beat Victoria (213") and Great Britain (230") beat Scotland (279").

Canada I

Great Britain


Gerry Austgarden Michael McCreadie Jack Smart Dennis Thiesen
Gary Cormack Aileen Neilson Anne Hibberd Michael Alberg
Chris Sobkowicz Tom Killin Jackie Roy Arlene Ursel
Sonja Gaudet James Sellar Bridget Wilson Terry Lindell
Tony Zummack

Canada II



Jim Armstrong Michael McKenzie Bob Macdonald Mark Wherrett
Darryl Neighbour Rosemary Lenton Rich Green Bill Lindstrom
Bruno Yizek Gregor Ewan Vince Miele Roy Crawford
Ina Forrest Gillian Keith Samantha Sui Corinne Jensen
Tom Parker


Anonymous said...

I cannot see Armstrong even getting a real test before some time in the World championships. I am sure (and hope) he has some say in the final line-up.

. said...

He certainly has seemed to have had an easy run in the games played so far this season, though USA played him to a deserved tie over 6 ends in Ottawa.

I think it is indisputable that he brings considerably more knowledge to the skip position than anyone playing today.

Before he qualified, Canada were in a bind after losing Daw, as none of the existing players was able, or had been coached to step up to skip.

The challenge will come when he is pressed to make his own shots against teams like Korea with their very high shooting percentages, and Norway who feel that their analysis of the wheelchair game, as opposed to the able-bodied game, gives them an edge when they need to win.

Rule changes that lengthen the game and increase the complexity of available shots, would also appear to favour Armstrong's experience. But his team has to perform and it remains an open question how much Joe Rae's team when it is announced on Saturday, would have been the team Jim would have chosen.

Anonymous said...

Bang on, Eric, regarding Jim's v Joe's choices. I know Armstrong well enough to know that he will provide an opinion to Rea, but likely not want to over-rule him. As to Jim's ability, having seen part of both games today, he was playing absolutely lights out. The draw he made on the seventh against Austgarten way wide, slipped past two guards to the side of the button to kill a steal of three)was as good as it gets. He is good now, and will likely get better.

Anonymous said...

Armstrong gets beaten today....Coach Rae says quit after 6 ends....rmstrong says no way.....ot of nowhere, it goes to last rock, with GB quite fortunate to not go an extra end.

Watching Armstrong and his presence now re-defines the game.

Anonymous said...

Saw the same game. Armstrong was in developmental mode with his team. He will truly bring the sport along by himself if there is no help. Overheard an interview with the local newspaper and the Big Guy.......WCF should be paying him for promotion of the sport.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm. Problems within?????

Coach Rae saying pack it up and Armstrong saying no way.......Last time that happened, Chris Daw got tossed out of the Program.........

Maybe Mr. Daw has been right all along.....Mr. Rae is the problem......

Anonymous said...

Asking the right questions, Eric?

You are the voice of the average wheelchair player.

Everyone gets it, that if Armstrong is eligible (as the WCF admits), where is the program?

Last count, there are at least as many National players as there are support staff, and to my understanding, all are paid.

I KNOW that Armstrong has not received a dime, (other than, MAYBE some expenses.....since he didn't want to be seen as abusing the system).


If anyone should be financially accomodated, let it be Armstrong.

I see a bunch of tag-ons dragging their computers, videos, etc., dissecting what is a foregone conclusion.....let Armstrong handle the future of the game in Canada.....

Chris Daw, where are youu??????????