Saturday, December 31, 2011

And so it goes

The website, and later this blog which allowed me to add photos to posts, grew from a desire to promote curling as a viable winter recreation choice for wheelchair users. I also hoped to influence the direction of the sport's development, by sharing my ideas on how the game might be played and how it might be organised.

Since 2005 I have been the sport's unofficial archivist, reporting what would otherwise have gone unrecorded; understanding that a sport grows from its history.  But it was never intended to be a lifetime commitment and I am drawing it to a close before it becomes a chore rather than an enthusiasm.

I will keep the website and blog open, the articles and records available. Anyone who has read the articles and blog post comments will know my opinions. They have never been a secret and do not need a valedictory.

My thanks to those who have supported my efforts over the years. I have made many friends through my involvement in wheelchair curling, and I will continue to follow the sport with interest. If I have one regret it is that I lacked the physical skill to play competitively. I hope that my contributions in other areas have made a difference.


Bruce Cameron said...


Your contributions certainly have made a difference. has become the "bible" of wheelchair curling through out the world and for that we thank you.

What can we do to change your mind?

Happy New Year
Bruce and all members of the Capital Wheelchair Curling Club in Ottawa

Stephen said...

Eric, since I started wheelchair curling almost 3 years ago, in Portland OR, I have been reading your blog, taking in great ideas, staying connected to word events.
I am sorry to hear that you are ending this chapter of your life and totally understand this decision.
Whether you ever get to know it or not you will be missed by many. For sure ME!
You have been a great source and the concept about making a brace on the chair to hold on to rather than the wheel was very good. As soon as I returned from Richmond BC International Wheelchair curling bonspiel I got to add this tool. I was that numerous folks had attached a handle of sorts to hold on to and create that forward leaning position.
My accuracy went up as soon as I got the amended chair on the ice and saw the, felt, witnessed the positive gain.
You have been a great asset for wheelchair curlers all over the world.
From this one in Portland Oregon I wish you all the best and new bright projects in the future.
Happy New Year!

Stephen Hart
Evergreen Curling Club Wheelchair Curling Committee Chairman.

Jalle Jungnell said...

Hi Eric,
...and Cate,

This is really a sad, and chocking, moment for all of us wheelchair curlers.

We have, not only here in Sweden but from all over the world, become accustomed to read interesting and inspiring information on your site.

Even more important is that through your site , we have got the information regarding, not only, which events that are coming up, but also which different teams that are planning to go to these events. That information has been a great help for us to plan our schedules and activities.

Through your site we have all also realized how much our sport has grown, and how international it has become. I am convinced that this in itself has helped the sport grow.

So I want to give a BIG thanks, for the time and effort you put in to this.

Things changes, so I totally respect your decision, but I have to agree on Bruce’s comment:

What can we do to change your mind?

We need something like this.

Happy New Year :)
Jalle Jungnell
Skip Sweden

Collinda Joseph said...


I'm very sorry to read that you'll no longer continue this website in its current form. It has been an invaluable tool for many of us in the wheelchair curling community. When we wanted to know what was coming up and the results of bonspiels - we knew we could come to and get the most up to date information.

Your insight and updates will be surely missed.

Good luck to you, Cate and all the best for 2012!

Take care -

Collinda Joseph

Laughie Rutt said...


It saddened me to read your blog today. I want to tank you for the over the top service you have provided to wheelchair curling over the years.
When I started the program here in Nova Scotia years ago you were the sole beacon of support when others would not answer emails or return phone calls your encouragement kept me going.
Without your efforts there would have been no news about curling in other provinces and nationally. It will leave a huge void for CCA as you were their unofficial and unsupported voice.
You may not have had the physical skills to play competitively but you certainly had the heart and commitment that was two thirds there in a competitive player. I would have welcomed you on my team.

Best regards
Laughie Rutt

Jens said...

Hi Eric and Cate
it was very simple....WE NEED YOU!!!

What can i do to change your mind?

Please dont close this site

skip Germany

Wayne F. said...

Sorry to see you go Eric, good luck to you and Cate in 2012 and beyond. Will miss your comments here in the North West.

Thanks Again
Wayne F
Team N. Ontario

Doug Morris said...


My heart sunk when I read your post. This is my fifth year wheelchair curling and I've been reading your site religously since I started.

I can't begin to tell you how valuable the information you have provided for us over the years has been for both the curlers and the sport world wide. Knowing what has been happening Nationally and Internationally, keeping up with best practices, new or changing rules and sometimes challenging our thinking has not only given insight into what we could expect in competition but has helped to quickly grow interest and development in the sport overall.

On a personal level, it has helped me a great deal and made me feel part of something very special.

Thank you so much for all of the great work that you and Cate have provided over the years. We sure do appreciate it and you will be missed more than you know.

Thank you, Happy New Year and all the best to you and Cate in 2012.

Doug Morris
Team Cameron - Ottawa

Terry said...

you will be missed laughie turned me onto this site when i first started and clinged to it during the nationals.

take care

Gerry D. said...

I am not a wheelchair user, but do follow the sport with a lot of interest, having volunteered many times at events in Richmond.

Where is the CCA? You have provided quite a service over the years, and they do little regarding publicity for the sport.

Have they been approached?

Best of luck.


William Nye said...

If you're waiting for CCA to follow up on this you are sorrily mistaken. Just go to their site and search wheelchair and you won't find anything current. In fact go to any of the provincial curling sites and do a search and you will be greatly disappointed. Unless Eric changes his mind or someone else picks up where Eric leaves off you are looking at the beginning of the decline of the sport because there won't be anywhere to go to get any info.

I understand your decision Eric but wish you would change your mind. If the glow is gone then it becomes a chore rather than a passion. I also would have you on my team anytime regardless of how "competitive" you think you are.

Linda said...

Eric: I am so saddened to hear you are not continuing with this site! It has been the voice of wheelchair curling! Good luck to you and Cate and maybe you'll miss it so much the passion will bring you back?Linda

Chris Daw said...


As I emailed you, I was very sad to see you decide to stop this blog. In an effort to continue your information sharing I have started Wheelcahir curling Blog 2

You can find it at...

This blog is meant to be a continuation of the work started by Eric at

If I can ask anyone wanting there information posted to please send your information to and I will post.

This is by no means a take over or replacement for the great work started by you. It is just a means to continue it.

The Curling News said...

Great thanks and hearty congratulations to you, Eric and Cate, for your fantastic contributions to the awareness and promotion of Wheelchair Curling.

Additional thanks for keeping the blog online, as it is great resource. And we look forward to your future contributions via Twitter!


George Karrys
Publisher, The Curling News