Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ontario provincial champion skip Cris Rees profiled

Chris Rees, Carl Bax, coach Paul Emmett, Alec Denys and Shauna Petrie

Chris Rees, who led teammates Carl Bax, Alec Denys and Shauna Petrie to victory in the Ontario Provincials last month, told "Home ice advantage was a significant advantage this year. I was able to sleep at home, hot showers, comfortable."

Chris talks among other things, about his previous record at the Nationals, including what he remembers as a narrow defeat by By BC's Jim Armstrong in 2008.

"I had a good chance three years ago, you know. I had the (winning) points in the house and it came down to last rock, and Jim Armstrong, who is the current skip of Team Canada, he made the shot and it won the game.

"It was heartbreaking because I did everything I could and I wasn't in charge of my own destiny at that point because he had last rock.

"He made the shot and he won the nationals. I won a silver."
You can read the full profile HERE.


Bruce Cameron said...

Do your best at the Nationals, we'll be watching and cheering u on

Team Cameron

Doug Morris said...

Good luck guys! Just do your best and make sure to have fun and enjoy the experience.