Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Armstrong trial put back to October 25th

At yesterday's status update hearing before Judge Martinez in the case of USA v. James Armstrong and Gregory Armstrong, the prosecution requested a continuance until October 25th.

While there may be further delays, a jury trial is presently scheduled for that date. Background to the case can be found in a previous post HERE.


Anonymous said...

I wonder why the PROSECUTION requested a continuance?

Anonymous said...

I wonder how long of a stall this will put on the Canadian program.

With Jim's future unknown and at the very least his ability to travel internationally suspended until after trail, what does this mean for the Canada program.

Worlds just around the corner????

Skip uncertain??

No replacement Skip trained????

Needing to qualify for both Paralympics and World Championships at state????

What does Peckham do?????

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to chill. Jim can still travel internationally since he hasn't been convicted of anything so there is no criminal record. I would imagine the Canadian program will continue as normal (whatever that is) until a verdict has been determined. It isn't uncommon for court cases to drag on for a year before they are heard so the October date may not be the last continuance. Finally, if the Canadian team is stuck and needs a skip in the interim I will be happy to volunteer.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that they don't view Jim as a "flight risk", so travel should not be an issue. As the first poster noted, though, it is interesting that the Prosecution asked for the postponement.

Anonymous said...

To bad he had to surrender his passport, think again!

. said...

Bob Mackin, reporting for 24 HOURS, stated that Jim surrendered his passport when he posted his bail.


Anonymous said...

I am very glad you supported the my last posting;

The Canadian program is in major question right now. No direct and semmly not a care in the World by CCA or powers that be.

The risk here is 2 fold people.

1. failing to qualify for Worlds in 2012

2. Failing to earn points for the next Paralympics

To much focus on Vancouver and failure to address grass roots. Big losses in the program to feed the ego of the coach.

Austgarden, Cormack, Sobey, even Daw could come back if the effort was made!!!!!

Jim is not able to travel and readers on here need to read and be really informed for a change before making comments!

Anonymous said...

Under certain conditions, he can have his passport returned while awaiting trial.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so what part of surrendered his passport did you not understand. They are not going to give it back to him, read a law book.

Better yet, ask yourself why he had to give it up?????HMMMMMMMM?

So he could not leave to a different country, come on people. Stop defending him. He broke the law and now has to do the time!

All that has to be determined is how much!

Anonymous said...

It will be an acquittal if he wants to spend the cash and go to trial. Otherwiae, he may (I doubt it) plead to some lesser offence on the condition he is free immediately.

I wouyld love to know what his legal fees are.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know if he is using his carding money for legal defense or if he used any of it for purchasing the drugs in the first place????

Anonymous said...

The temporary surrender of a passport is standard fare in the US Court System. It is always required to obtain immediate release when there is not enough time to do a full background check of an accused. Afterwards, when a relationship has been developed between the pre-trial representative and the accused, there is lots of discretion available. If Jim had to travel right now, he would be able.

Anonymous said...

Not likely; court documents released in the USA state a condition of release is that the passport be surrendered and travel (including) international be restricted to USA court hearings only.

Due to Greg not being at the first hearing; this has now reflected poorly on Jim and thus that combined with Jim being an athlete that travels internationally is considered HIGH flight risk


read before commenting!

Anonymous said...

The Seattle Times quoted Armstrong case Prosecutor Patricia Lally in 2004:

"Our office is becoming increasingly concerned about the disappearance of our Canadian national defendants," said Patricia Lally, an assistant U.S. attorney who handles drug cases. When Canadians flee back home, they're beyond the reach of U.S. arrest warrants and face few, if any, repercussions, according to Lally.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but you don't have the full picture. After the initial decisions, (all boiler plate) it is at the discretion of the pre-trial people whether an accused can travel or not.

Anonymous said...

Jim can ask Pre-trial services for the okay to travel. The risk of being a "flight-risk" as well as his satisfying all terms of his pre-trial conditions are the criteria. He has lived in Richmond for over thirty years, owns a home, I doubt they are concerned about his being a flight risk.

Further, he waived his right to avoid extradition, so MS Lally's comments don't apply here.

Anonymous said...

Why don't ask this from Jim