Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Goose Perez skips international team to Cape Cod win

Goose Perez, Tammy Delano and Katie Paialunga. with runners-up Team Quebec
Photo - Matthew West - Boston Herald

Team USA skip Goose Perez skipped an international team of Tammy Delano and Ottawa's Katie Paialunga  to victory in the 4 day Cape Cod CC Wheelchair Summerspiel, lifting the Colaccio Wheel Challenge Trophy after beating Carl Marquis and Team Quebec in Sunday's final.

Club coach Tony Colaccio, who saw 4 years of fundraising and renovation effort come to fruition with this inaugural wheelchair spiel, told the Cape Cod Times he hopes the event will grow. "Then the problem will be finding accessible accommodation." 

You can read a report from the event HERE and see a gallery of photos HERE.

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