Friday, June 11, 2010

Ontarians favour national champs in Worlds the following year

The results of the Ontario Curling Association's survey on the Team Canada selection process produced a large majority for Option 3 - the Canadian national champions representing Canada at the World Championships the following year.
This option allows up to a year of preparation time and has been used previously at the Junior level. It was chosen by 68% (19 of 28) of the respondents to the survey.

Full survey results (options are detailed in the previous post).

Option 3 - 68% (national champs go to following year's Worlds - 19/28)
Option 2 - 18% (use Brier/Scotties system - 5/28)
Option 4 - 10% (best of 5 playoff for Worlds - 3/28)
Option 1  - 4% (present system - 1/28)


William B. said...

Who did you survey???????

Where was the survey??????

What were the numbers????

How do you justify the results????

Ask the CCA to do the survey though the discover curling program??????

I don't believe the results At ALL

Who are the people who answered all Anonymous?????

W. Midaugh said...

Read the previous post and if you still don't believe it simply contact OCA and ask them if it is true. Doh!