Thursday, February 18, 2010

Final camp and exhibition matches for Team Canada

Team Canada have their final training camp this weekend at the Richmond CC.

Their last tournament game was in December, but they have brought invitees like Alberta's Jack Smart and Manitoba's Chris Sobkowicz into camp to play alongside Jackie Roy and Bruno Yizek for practice sessions.  Last weekend they won 2 of 3 three matches against Whitney Warren's Team BC.

This weekend I am told the Richmond CC has arranged games for Friday and Saturday though I do not have details. The team will attend Friday evening's Olympic women's draw.

for those looking for team news I have this from Team Leader Wendy Morgan:

Team Canada is very excited about the upcoming Paralympic Games in our home country!
We do not feel pressure to compete in Canada, we welcome that opportunity as a rare privilege!
'Home field advantage' for us, will be having  family and friends to share this experience celebrate the wins, have comfort after losses and live support in the stands. 
Team Canada has been focused on team building, refining strategies, enhancing communication skills and technical tweaking for the last 2 months.
We have had several practice games at our 2 January camps and our final camp this weekend, in Richmond,  will focus on final details of competition and event readiness.

We recognize the presence of expectations...that is the reality of sport at the highest level. The roster of countries and players competing in 2010 is one of  experience, talent, and this 2010 field is very level.
Team Canada is healthy, anxious to play and most eager to put the Maple Leaf on our backs!
Our primary goal is make the playoff round.  Our focus however is one game at a time.
We look forward to cheering on our Ladies and Men's Olympic teams this week in Vancouver. 
Go Canada Go!
I also had a lengthy and less general conversation with Coach Rea that I will use in a future post.

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