Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Russ Peake and Monique LaCoste to call Vancouver Games

Alberta Sport Hall of Fame announcer Calgarian Russ Peake will join Winnipeg's Monique LaCoste as the commentators for wheelchair curling at the 2010 Paralympic Games


Anonymous said...

How much coverage can we expect, and on what network?

Anonymous said...

To bad, we shuold have someone who knows wheelchair curling doing it,
not people who have never seen it.

Anonymous said...

How much coverage will we get?????

. said...

As far as I can tell from what has been announced, there will be no live tv of the curling; just sledge hockey.

At the 2009 Worlds, Cate and I live-blogged Team Canada, who were generous enough to help with our expenses. We have press credentials for the Paralympics but don't have a sponsor this year who can help with accommodation.

If we had somewhere to stay in Vancouver, we would cover the games.

Several thousand people followed our daily end-by-end 2009 Worlds coverage.

Anonymous said...

We'd rather you and Cate at Nationals anyways Eric! Team Canada gets plenty of press as it is.