Friday, August 28, 2009

"I'll be ready for Vancouver 2010," says Jim Armstrong

Team Canada skip Jim Armstrong, after a stay in hospital at UBC undergoing surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff (first reported in TCN) is undergoing what promises to be a lengthy rehab of his non-throwing left shoulder.

"It was a more severe injury than anticipated," he told me today, "and I was not able to travel to the camp that began just after I came out of hospital. But I have begun three times a week rehab now, and I'm sure that I will be ready for the Paralympics next March.

"Though my return to the ice will be delayed, we have an excellent team, as technically good as any I have seen. And over the past season or two their knowledge and understanding of the game has grown. It's easier to throw well when you not only know how to throw, but also why you are being asked to play a particular shot.

"There were some interesting developments at the last Worlds, especially with players getting really low to play up-weight shots. But although some, especially the Koreans, can throw big weight, we have some time before we have to deal with teams throwing multiple 8 second takeouts accurately enough to pose a threat."

Team Canada's third training camp will be in BC at the end of September, and they leave for a ten day trip to Norway and Scotland on October 13.

Other events on the competition schedule are the Richmond Invitational November 3-7 in BC and the Cathy Kerr in Ontario, November 26-29.


Anonymous said...

Knowing Jim's attitude, I'll bet he maks the norway and Scotland event in October.

The CCA and he have place 2010 as their objective, and Jim will not be landing in Vancouver unprepared.

Anonymous said...

MAybe Canada should look at Daw now he is in BC

He though the 8 even 7 second takeout.....

Is a good back up if given time to work with Jim.

Why is this guy not on the list....

Oh I know, JOE REA that's why....

Anonymous said...

I don't see any way that Ottawa will risk losing the present momentum by bringing Chris Daw back.

They will (and rightfully so) live and die by what Jim and Joe have developed.

No Chris Daw

Anonymous said...

How can anyone still rationalize Chris's return?

His only chance was if Jim had demanded that Chris be included as part of Jim's involvement. As slim as that might be, it has to be gone now, with last season's championship

Anonymous said...

Ottawa has not risk in looking do they. Ask your self about the what if's.....

Jim has not even see the guy play how does he know it would not work... again why is someone always left out when they have something major to offer.

Even if it is a back to the back, what happens post 2010??????

Then maybe???? WHo knows but I think the whole thing is not only unfair to Daw but any one else looking to make Team Canada..

How does one guy take so much time off and still hold a spot, oh yea friend of Gerry PEckham as is Joe Rea.

Fun how all the major people seem to be friends of Gerry's guess I know who to send Christmas cards 2

Anonymous said...

Who will be Team Canada's fifth, with Jim not a guarantee to play, despite his assurances?

Fifth player could be very important now.

Anonymous said...

I believe that Jim is oe of Chris's fw advocates, but wo't rock the boat at this poimt.

Let's see what happes post 2010