Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fort William CC renovates - will host 2012 Nationals

Dave Kawahara and wheelchair user Tracy Hurlbert

Thunder Bay's Chronicle-Journal reports Northern Ontario's Fort William CC is about to embark on a $350,00 renovation to make the facility completely wheelchair accessible.

Club president Rob Chicorli said because the lounge area at the facility is only accessible by stairs, members who use wheelchairs or have mobility problems miss out on a big part of the sport. “The game of curling is 50/50: 50 per cent action out on the ice and 50 per cent a social activity.”

Dave Kawahara, the driving force behind N. Ontario's wheelchair program added: “This project was really about inclusive living, to allow the entire community to do the things that able-bodied citizens take for granted.”

The club will host the 2012  Canadian National Championships. 

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Jim said...

Congratulations to Thunder Bay. I have enjoyed their hospitality in my "other competitive life", and I am sure it will be the same (hard to imagine better!).

I have missed checking in to your aite, Eric, for a couple of weeks, but cerainly did hear of the post that prompted your "censorship" of further comments.

As the likely recipient of both the negative and positive anonymous responses, and seeing the lack of responses since your imposed requirement of "non-anonymity", I, for one, would prefer to bear the wrath of the anonymous, rather than what we see at present, as no response whatsoever.

Please reconsider your decision, and I am comfortable that you will use your ongoing discretion to keep the site relatively civil.

Keep up the good work, Eric, and I look forward to next season......