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    Friday, November 4, 2011

    Richmond International Day 3

    Canada I continued their cruise through the field on the third day of the Richmond International, stealing four ends against USA in the morning before allowing a two in the 6th and final end of a 10-2 win. In the afternoon they beat BC 9-2, padding the score with a steal of 4 in the 7th; the only game of the eight played past the 6th end.

    Quebec, lying 2nd in the table at start of play, started strong against Alberta, stealing 3 in the 1st, the winning margin of the 7-4 result.  In the afternoon they met Manitoba's Cancade team and lost 6-4. Chris Sobkowicz's side had earlier beaten Canada II 7-2 and their double put them in second place at the end of play. Alberta slumped to a second defeat, losing to Canada II 7-6 in a game where multiple points were scored 5 of the 6 ends.

    The pick-up team representing the RCD hosts took another beating in the morning 12-0 defeat by BC, but regrouped in the afternoon though still losing 5-4 to USA on a stolen final point.

    Standings after Draw 6

    Canada I  6 - 0
    Cancade   4 - 2
    Quebec    4 - 2
    Canada II 3 - 3
    USA       3 - 3
    Alberta   2 - 4
    BC        2 - 4
    RCD       0 - 6

    Draw and rosters are available HERE

    Draw 5 line scores are available HERE and Draw 6 line scores are available HERE


    Wayne F said...

    GO Team TOBA GO


    Gerry D. said...

    No question that Team Canada is head and shoulders above the rest of the field.

    Jim simply provides such a sense of confidence that is intimidating to the other teams.

    It also seems that the entire Team Canada is very well liked by egos here.