Sunday, August 29, 2010

Armstrong court case update

US government prosecutors and Team Canada skip Jim Armstrong and his son Gregory will appear in a Seattle courtroom at 10am tomorrow (Monday August 30) for a Status Conference/Hearing before US District Court Judge Ricardo Martinez. The conference is scheduled for 30 minutes.

Background to the case can be found in a previous post HERE and a link to the judge's schedule is HERE.


Bruce Cameron said...

If anyone opened the judge's schedule you wud notice in the right hand column the name RICHARD HANSEN. Wud this by chance be the Man in Motion Rick Hansen that most Canadians are familiar with ?? If so his presence brings one to wonder why.

Eric Eales said...

He's more likely a partner in the law firm of Allen, Hansen & Maybrown, who, as a judge remarked, "wins cases he has no business winning."

Paula Deutsch may be the well-regarded Federal Public Defender who represented Howard Levine, the one time Internet's Dr. Viagra.