Thursday, July 8, 2010

Open clinic and try-out at Green Bay CC July 30-August 1

The U.S. Curling Association is sponsoring an open weekend wheelchair curling camp at the Green Bay CC. Present Team USA members will be in attendance, and wheelchair users will be able not only to learn about the sport but also discover what it takes to try out for Team USA.

For more information contact Marc DePerno and download the event brochure from this link.


Anonymous said...

At least their system is open and explained to prospective curlers not like the secrecy here in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Pretty easy to have an "open" system when they have less than ten choices.

Collinda Joseph said...

Having less than 10 choices is not the point. The point is exactly as the first blogger indicates, it's an open system that allows for those who are interested in trying out to do so. There's nothing wrong with that, especially if the intent of the CCA is to have a "selected" team Canada for wheelchair curling's national team.