Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wheelchair curling down under - Melbourne, May 24

The Victorian Curling Association in Melbourne, Australia, is sponsoring a "come and try" session on May 24 from 6pm at the Icehouse in the Docklands. You can download the event poster from the link on this page of their website.

Though Jim Oastler has for many years been promoting curling in general and wheelchair curling in particular in Australia, he's hopeful that the attention garnered by the Paralympics will provide the catalyst to gain wheelchair curling a toe-hold in a country obsessed with sport .

"We are also eager to expand wheelchair curling through the Australian Curling Federation.  We will continue to offer come and try sessions at the Curling Nationals; and plan return visits to Queensland and New South Whales to establish wheelchair curling with those state curling associations."

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